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"Dave helped me select the right recumbent trike. Local Gear is one of the few bike shops in a hundred miles of me which has floor model trikes to try. He was thorough in listening to my special adaptation needs, and let me try the trike out enough for me to judge if it was a good fit. Although it is an expensive item, he wasn't pushing un-needed upgrades, just the ones which will make riding easier for me. Very grateful!" -KR on Google

"Today I got back a piece of freedom! After a bad accident that left me with lingering effects from a traumatic brain injury, I was able to ride again!! Thank you for my amazing Terratrike! I love the bike and the amazing service! I felt like I was treated as though I was part of an extended family!!" - LC on Listen360

TerraTrikes are a great way to get out and ride without the aches and pains some people experience riding traditional bicycles. They're also fantastic for people who may experience mobility or balance challenges. Not to mention being a lot of fun to ride! TerraTrikes have a comfort level and a cool factor that cannot be denied.

We have two Rover tandems for our family and we LOVE these trikes! Our two younger sons have some difficulty with balance and mobility and when they outgrew their tagalongs, we weren’t sure how to get out and ride together. Terra Trike gave us the opportunity to hit the bike paths again. Their stability and comfort make riding them a pleasure and we all have fun taking turns being the captain (front) or the stoker (rear).

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