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Many people have concerns about the safety of riding on roads. This is understandable and there are steps a cyclist can take to protect themselves. Know the law of the land: Maine Bicycle and Pedestrian Law.

Helmets are not just for kids! Maine state law requires people under 16 to wear a helmet, but it is the most important piece of safety equipment for a cyclist of any age on road or off.  Helmets reduce the risk of critical head injury by 85%. The chance of falling off a bike may not be high, but having a helmet if you do can be the difference between a minor injury and a major one. We can help you find the best helmet for your needs and make sure it fits properly.

This article about bicycle safety on BrainLine has more information.

Always on lights.  Lights at night, lights during the day. Most people understand the need for lights at night, but daytime running lights are important as well. Make sure vehicles can see you. 

Biomotion. We are wired to recognize human movement. Wear gear that highlights the motion of your legs or arms ( if you use a handcycle). Reflective material at night, fluorescent colors during the day.

Contrast. Stand out from your surroundings. Fluorescent colors react with UV rays to help you be seen during the day, reflective materials at night will make you visible to motorists.

Nothing is foolproof, but the ABC's of safety along with proper helmet use can lessen your risks while riding.

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