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"I like everything about The Local Gear. The service I get is excellent. The work performed on my bike has been done correctly every time and usually sooner than I expected it. Dave’s attitude when I go there is upbeat and positive and I generally find myself leaving the store with a better attitude than I had when I walked in. He genuinely seems thankful and appreciative to have the opportunity to serve customers. The Local Gear is an excellent bike shop/sporting goods store and I’d recommend anyone go there for their cycling needs." -MM on Listen360

"I recently brought a used, disassembled bike I picked up to Dave with no idea what shape it was in or even if all the parts were there. Dave looked at it, said it'd do fine and gave me a timeline. Within a week I had what was essentially a brand new bike that rode great! Thanks again Dave! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone with bike trouble." IB on Google


Adjust front and rear derailleurs, adjust brakes, check and adjust wheel bearings, bottom bracket and headset, true wheels off bicycle, clean and lubricate drivetrain on bicycle, check all bolts and torque accordingly, lubricate all moving parts and cables.


Add: Install all new gear cables and housings (parts extra), install brake pads (parts extra), pull and clean chain and cassette or install new drivetrain parts (parts extra).


Add: Repack headset, bottom bracket and wheel bearings or install new bearings (parts extra), true, round, and dish wheels, pull and clean crankset and chainrings, replace all cables and housings (parts extra), clean and polish frame, install new grips or bar tape (parts extra).


Wheel truing

Spoke Replacement

Wheel building

Gear Adjustment​

Accessory Installation

Flat Repair

Bearing Adjustment​

General Repair

New Bicycle Assembly​


Frequently Asked Repair Questions:

Can you diagnose the problem over the phone?

        Unfortunately, no, we do have to see the bike to know what's wrong with it. Gears skipping could be           a worn out drive train, a simple adjustment or a loose bottom bracket bearing. Brakes not working             could be an adjustment or new brakes and cables.   

How much does a specific part cost?

          Bicycle parts aren't universal and cost depends on the specific part. For example, there are                           hundreds of different derailleurs and while several may work with your particular model, many will             not. 

What does a tune-up cost?

           We have three choices for tune-ups your bicycle so you can choose what works best for you.

And, finally, our favorite (Yes, it truly is our favorite!) Do you fix bikes?

            Yes, we do! One of the things we love about what we do is being able to get a bicycle back into                     shape so you can get out on the roads or trails. 


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