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E-bikes have been gaining popularity over the past several years and at The Local Gear we sell top quality, name brand e-bikes with a solid reputation, excellent customer service, tech support, readily available parts, and U.S. based distribution.


We carry e-bikes for a wide variety of riding needs including recreation, commuting, workouts, off road, and hunting. We also have plenty of options for transporting your gear with e-bike rated car racks in stock.


The Local Gear is a full service repair shop and can diagnose and repair in house with over 25 years of service experience.

People For Bikes has an excellent article about the health benefits of electric bikes and we are always happy to answer any questions!

"Dave was phenomenal. Very knowledgeable. Patient, we had so many questions on a pedal assist bikes. He took the time explaining everything. He ordered a bike for us to try out. Trek bikes are awesome. Great quality We bought 2 . We were so pleased our neighbors purchased 2 as well. Highly recommended" - RB on Listen360

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