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"Anyone who knows me already knows about my love affair with my kitchen knives! Well I finally found a master in my area! Dave did such a beautiful, professional job. My weary knives are sharp like new!! So if you need anything sharpened,call or stop by.
Dave is awesome and the store is like a mini LLBean, only better!!" -LR on Facebook

"My neglected garden tools were cleaned-up, sharpened and are ready for a new season! Quick turn around time and they were ready as promised. I will be back!" - JS on Listen 360

"The turnaround time on their sharpening services was awesome! I dropped my knives and axe off on Thursday and was told they would be ready on Saturday. When I mentioned I was leaving for a hunting trip on Saturday they said they would try to get them done quickly. True to their word, I got a call at noon on FRIDAY saying they were ready for pick-up. The Local Gear definitely gets my endorsement and i will be recommending them to family and friends!" - LW on Listen360

24 hour turnaround Knives, axes, scissors, chisels, gouges,

mower blades, garden tools, chainsaw chains (off the saw).

Pocket Knife - $5.50

Hand Chisel - $5.50

Hand Gouge - $6.50

Hatchet - $7.50

Kitchen Knife - $8.50

Kitchen Shears - $8.50

Kitchen Cleaver - $8.50

Scissors - $8.50

Ax - $8.50

Chainsaw Chains (off the saw) - $9.50

Grass Shears - $9.50

Hand Hedge Shears - $10.50

Repair Damaged Edge - Add $5.50

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