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24 hour turnaround Knives, axes, scissors, chisels, gouges,

mower blades, garden tools, chainsaw chains (off the saw).

Pocket Knife - $5.50

Hand Chisel - $5.50

Hand Gouge - $6.50

Hatchet - $7.50

Kitchen Knife - $8.50

Kitchen Shears - $8.50

Kitchen Cleaver - $8.50

Scissors - $8.50

Ax - $8.50

Chainsaw Chains (off the saw) - $9.50

Grass Shears - $9.50

Hand Hedge Shears - $10.50

Repair Damaged Edge - Add $5.50



"The turnaround time on their sharpening services was awesome! I dropped my knives and axe off on Thursday and was told they would be ready on Saturday. When I mentioned I was leaving for a hunting trip on Saturday they said they would try to get them done quickly. True to their word, I got a call at noon on FRIDAY saying they were ready for pick-up. The Local Gear definitely gets my endorsement and I will be recommending them to family and friends!" 

Andrew J

"Every fall recipe in New England in the has, or should have pumpkin somewhere on the list of ingredients. My knives are not spectacular, but they are mine and I love them. In the fall one of their tasks is to cut through pumpkins to make puree. Dave got my knives so sharp that my Sakari cut through the seeds while halving a sugar pumpkin."


"My neglected garden tools were cleaned-up, sharpened and are ready for a new season! Quick turn around time and they were ready as promised. I will be back!" 
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